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The Church Will Not Go Through Any Portion of the Seven Year Tribulation Period

There are Christians who believe in a pre-wrath or mid-tribulation or post-tribulation theory who say, "The reason some Christians believe in the pre-tribulation view is because (if any of those theories are correct) they are going to go through at least part, if not all, of the tribulation period and they don't want to do this because of fear." Some Christians have said, "I believe it's worse to tell people that they're not going through the tribulation period and then one day they find themselves in that period and that would be terrible." I would have to admit, that would be awful. But, on the other hand, it's an awful thing to teach Christians that they are going through such a terrible period, especially if they're not going to go through it. There are a lot of Christians who worry all the time about whether they are going through that awful period, even though they are not supposed to worry, most of them still do. That in itself is tragic. Especially as the Scriptures do not teach that we are going through that period. However, we may go through some difficult times. If the Christians studied their Bible and stayed close to the Lord then they would already be prepared for whatever comes. So we need to make sure we are telling them the correct information and we need to be prepared spiritually for whatever the Lord allows us to go through.

Now I was saying, some Christians, including some pastors, use those statements to belittle or perhaps discourage those who believe in a different theory than what they believe. There are others, I'm sure, who mean well, but use that viewpoint to show that they think this is the reason why most Christians believe in pre-tribulation. They accept that view because it's less frightening to them. It makes them feel better to believe that way. I have to admit, it should make an individual feel better. To be sure, I do not want to suffer any more than the next per­son, but I believe very strongly that if I saw any one of those other views in God's Word, instead of the pre-tribulation view, I would be man enough to admit it and say, "This is what God's Word says." Then I would tell them what it said, no matter what the outcome would be. So that might be true for the Christians who believe in the pre-tribulation view, because it's the easiest to accept if you're afraid of going through that period. But just because that's true does not mean they are wrong in teaching the pre-tribulation view. The main thing is to make sure you received Jesus as your Savior. For those who already have done that, then learn all you can about God. Draw closer to Him. Read His Word and study it all you can. This will help you when difficult times do come and it will help you in your daily living for Him too.

Let's consider some of the reasons that Christians give for not believing in the pre-tribulation view.

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