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Trying to Place the Rapture at Other Times is Wrong

I am not sure why it is that so many individuals take one or more phrases of Scripture and build a whole doctrine that is totally false. There are many proofs in the Bible that teach clearly that the Rapture happens before the tribulation period (the 70th week of Daniel). Some individuals take the phrase " the last trump...", which is found in I Corinthians 15: 52, and build a doctrine that is not true. Others say that Jesus never talked about the Rapture. They try to do away with the Rapture altogether or place the Rapture somewhere in Scripture other than where it happens (Rev. 4: 1). It is true that Jesus Himself did not mention the Rapture, but His Spirit, after Jesus had gone to Heaven, revealed it to Paul. (Read I Thes. 4: 13 - 18, I Cor. 15: 51 - 54, Col. 3: 4, Phil. 3: 20 - 21.). (You can also read I John 2: 28, 3: 2 - 3.).

Some individuals also talk about the elect and wrongly use Matthew 24: 31 as proof that the Church is still on the earth at the time of 70th week of Daniel. The elect is normally referring to the Church. (See "Who Are the Elect of the Tribulation Period?".).

Jesus, in Matthew chapter 24 verses 4 - 7, gives us a list of signs which will precede the Rapture. However, it is important to separate the signs that have to do with the Rapture and the sign(s) that has to do with the Revelation (Matt. 24: 30). (Jesus gives us some parables that, I believe, have to do with the Rapture as well. See Matthew 24: 37 - 39, 40 - 42, 43 - 44, 45 - 51, 25: 1 - 13.). The sign (change, etc...) that takes place in Matthew 24: 29 is different from the one in Matthew 24: 30. This sign in Matthew 24: 30 cannot be referring to the things that happen in Matthew 24: 29 because they will have already taken place. Then Matthew 24: 30 will take place. There are some individuals who believe that the Revelation/Second Coming will take place in Matthew 24: 30 immediately after the tribulation period, the 70th week of Daniel. However, it does not necessarily mean that Jesus' coming to earth (Rev. 19: 11, Acts 1: 11) has to happen right away. I believe that the Revelation/Second Coming will take place after the 30 days of Daniel 12: 11, but before the 45 days of Daniel 12: 12 end. It will take place on the 45th day of those 45 days that Daniel 12: 12 mentions. If you happen to be one of those who think that the signs in Matthew 24: 4 - 7 are referring to the Revelation/Second Coming, as some do, and do not refer to the Rapture, then you are wrong. I believe those signs in Matthew 24: 4 - 7 (see also verse 8) are in connection with the Rapture because they are happening in our present time as never before.

Then some individuals take verses such as: I Timothy 4: 1, Hebrews 12: 22, I Peter 3: 19, Matthew 16: 27, 19: 28, 25: 31, Luke 9: 26. And there are others, many of which are taken out of context to discredit the pre-tribulationist views, to show that the Rapture takes place in another place than in Revelation 4: 1.

If the Rapture were to happen at the same time that the Revelation/Second Coming takes place, as some say, then there is no point in one "looking for", waiting for" Jesus' return. Because, if this were the correct view, which it is not, then the Lord Jesus cannot come until 7 years, or more, have passed. That, of course, would depend upon what year the first seal is opened because that (opening of the first seal) marks the beginning/start of the 7 year tribulation period, the 70th week of Daniel. Only if the Rapture can be freely anticipated without hindrance or specific requirements can I obey the commands to "watch", to "wait", and to "look" for His coming. Otherwise there is no point in one looking for Him, for I would know the exact day of Jesus' coming by counting off the days when the first seal is opened. Jesus definitely told us that no man knows the day or the hour (Matt. 24: 36, 42).

However, the pre-tribulationist believes that the Rapture happens before the tribulation period and that Matthew 24: 36 and 42 only apply to those who live prior to (before) the tribulation period. Otherwise, if Matthew chapter 24, verses 36 and 42, were referring to what will happen within the tribulation period those who find themselves in that period, will then know the day of the Lord's return. They cannot know the day of His return. Only after the tribulation period begins, with the opening of the first seal, can those tribulation saints (who find themselves in this 7 year period because they did not receive the Lord Jesus as their Savior before it started) count off the days and be sure of the exact day of His coming. I believe that Scripture in Matthew 24: 36 is associated with those who live before that 7 year tribulation period.

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