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The Belief in the Mid-Tribulation Theory

By the way, any time I say, "The Tribulation Period" or the tribulation period, throughout this website I'm talking about the 70th week of Daniel. The whole period is a time of tribulation and suffering. Just because the Bible doesn't call it "The Tribulation Period", that does not mean it's incorrect to use it that way. The Bible doesn't call that period "The 70th Week of Daniel" either, but it's still a good title to use. Oh, yes, the Bible does mention that there were 69 weeks (weeks of years) that have taken place, and that there is 1 week of years (7 years) left that will happen soon (Dan. 9: 27). And that week of years (7 years) will take place during what we call The Tribulation Period or The 70th Week of Daniel.

If you are a mid-tribulationist you cannot believe in the doctrine called The Imminent Return of Christ because you are waiting for the Tribulation Period to get started. Then you'll count off 1260 days, which is half of that period. Then the Antichrist will set up the Abomination of Desolation (the image of the Antichrist) in the holy place (inside the temple at Jerusalem) then you will know that's the day the Lord will return. So how can you believe in that precious doctrine called The Imminent Return of Christ? That's impossible! You cannot hold to those precious words and phrases like "watch," "patiently waiting for," "looking for," etc... because there's no point in it, if He cannot come until certain events happen first. Thus those words and phases are meaningless to you. If you're honest with yourself, and believing what the Bible says, you will realize that this is true. The Bible tells us that we are to watch, wait, and to be looking for and waiting for His coming. You may be waiting for Him to return, but you cannot be watching or looking for Him to return, because according to this theory He cannot come yet. For certain events have to happen first according to this theory.

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