Sequence Of Prophecy

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The Rapture

The Believers Are Changed, (Some Resurrected), When the Rapture Takes Place

  1. This Mortal Body Will Become a New Spiritual Body When the Rapture Happens
  2. Is the Body Actually Raised From the Grave?

Other Things to Consider About Jesus' Coming in the Rapture

  1. The Belief That There is No Rapture is Wrong
  2. Trying to Place the Rapture at Other Times is Wrong

A Special Study of the Rapture As Seen in Thessalonians

  1. Who is Caught Up at the Time of the Rapture?
  2. What About I Thessalonians Chapter 5?
  3. What About II Thessalonians Chapter 2?

Which Event Will Take Place First - the Rapture or the Revelation?

  1. Do the Rapture and the Revelation Take Place at the Same Time (Simultaneously)?
  2. The Events That Take Place in Heaven
  3. The Events That Happen on Earth
  4. The Greek Word "Parousia"
  5. Two Comings
  6. The Problems With Believing That There is Only One "Coming"
  7. Jesus Coming in His Glory
  8. Jesus Entering Into Glory

The Rapture Will Happen Before the Tribulation Period

  1. The Church Will Not Go Through Any Portion of the Seven Year Tribulation Period
  2. The Refusal to Believe in The Imminent Return of Christ
  3. The Belief in the Pre-Wrath Theory
  4. The Belief in the Mid-Tribulation Theory
  5. The Belief in the Post-Tribulation Theory
  6. Can the Rapture Happen in Revelation Chapter 11, Verses 11 and 12?

Things Pertaining to the Rapture

  1. Here Are Some Details Concerning the Rapture
  2. Men Are to Watch For Jesus' Coming
  3. Jesus is Coming, in the Rapture, As a Thief, but to Whom?
  4. The Ten Virgins

    Glen A. Duitman


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