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The Necessity of Separation of Resurrections and Judgments

Daniel said, "...And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake (be resurrected), some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt." (Dan. 12: 2) (Read also John 5: 28 - 29.).

This does not mean that the resurrections and judgments of the saved and unsaved will take place at the same time and place. Let me explain:

1. The Judgment Seat of Christ (Rev. 4: 4): It will take place in Revelation chapter 4 after the Rapture happens (Rev. 4: 1). The resurrection will take place at the same time as the Rapture when the Christians receive their glorified bodies (Rev. 4: 1 - 4). Paul, in his second book to Timothy tells us about a crown which all believers will receive at the appearing of Jesus Christ.

Paul said,
"...the time of my departure is at hand."
"I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:"
"Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at (on) that day (the day of His appearing at the Judgment Seat of Christ): and not to me only, but unto all them also who love His (Jesus') appearing." (II Tim. 4: 6 - 8)

Shortly after entering Heaven the four and twenty elders (the Christians) will get their crowns. Remember, the New Testament Christians will all get their crowns (rewards) at the same time and event. They are wearing them on their heads in Revelation 4: 4. Peter, in his first letter, wrote about the same event.

"And when the chief Shepherd (that's Jesus) shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away."

The New Testament Saints are the Bride of Christ. This body of believers will receive their crowns of rewards immediately after the Rapture occurs. Right before we return to earth with Jesus, we will be wedded to Christ Himself (Rev. 19: 7 - 9). He will marry the Church, the Body of Christ, in some mysterious way. If we are going to participate in those two events (the wedding and marriage supper), which take place in Heaven, we have to go there first. Those Scriptures (II Tim. 4: 6 - 8 and II Pet. 5: 4) are not referring to the Second Coming of Christ. They are referring to the Lord appearing in the Rapture.

2. The Old Testament Saints: These Saints and Prophets will be resurrected, judged, and given rewards in Revelation 11: 18. (Note: Jesus does not return to earth in Revelation 11: 15 - 18. Read my book or website called "Sequence Of Prophecy" for the explanations that is given.). The tribulation saints will be resurrected in Revelation 7: 9 - 17, and will probably judged in Revelation 11: 18 when the Old Testament saints and prophets are judged.

(Note: The unsaved people of the Old Testament will be resurrected and judged in Revelation 20: 11 - 15 along with the unsaved of the New Testament. The unsaved people who died during the tribulation period, those unsaved people who Matthew 25: 41 - 46 refer to, the lost of the millennial period, and those who died in Satan's and man's final rebellion, will be judged there as well.).

3. The Judgment of the Nations: In Matthew 25: 31 - 46 we are told about another judgment. In this judgment the Lord is not judging the people for the things they did or did not do, nor is He judging them on the basis of the talents that God has given them and what they did with them. This judgment will involve two groups: the saved people (That would be the tribulation saints.), who are alive and enter the kingdom (Matt. 25: 31) and the unsaved people who are alive and thrown into Hades/Hell (Matt. 25: 41, 46). This judgment will happen shortly after Jesus returns to earth in the Second Coming (Rev. 19: 11, Matt. 25: 31). There is no resurrection in this judgment. Saved people, in this case, tribulation saints, will have earthly bodies and do not receive crowns of rewards. Only the people who died get rewards. Do remember that the angels will gather together all the human beings who are alive (having earthly bodies) at the time of this judgment, after His (Jesus') feet touch down on the Mount of Olives, when He is seated on the throne of His glory. They will stand before the Lord shortly after He returns to earth in Revelation 19: 11, but only after the events of verse 21 and Zechariah 14: 4 - 5 have taken place. (Read Matt. 25: 31 - 33.). This is not a judgment of the dead in Christ. Nor is it referring to the lost of all Ages (the unsaved) that I will talk about shortly. There is no resurrection of the saved or unsaved when the Lord comes to earth (Rev. 19: 11, Matt. 25: 31). Matthew 24: 31 is referring to the angels gathering together the living (Matt. 25: 32 - 33) not the dead. The saved tribulation saints and the unsaved tribulation people who survived the tribulation period will be gathered together before Jesus when He is seated on the throne of His glory (Matt. 25: 31 - 34, 41). Matthew 25: 31 - 46 refers to what will happen after Jesus returns to earth. When in Matthew 25: 32 it says "...before Him (Jesus) shall be gathered all nations..." it is referring to the saved and the unsaved people who are alive. Zechariah 14: 16 is talking about the saved, the sheep of Matthew 25: 32 - 34. Obviously Zechariah 14: 16 is not referring to the unsaved. Do realize that the entire group of enemy soldiers who fought against Jerusalem and the Jews will die according to Revelation 19: 21. So it is not talking about them either.

4. The Millennial Saints: Part of this group is made up of the tribulation saints who did not die during the tribulation period and were saved before the Lord returned to earth (Rev. 19: 11). They will be judged of the Lord (Jesus) as to whether they have the right to enter the Kingdom (Matt. 25: 34). He will place them at His right hand (Matt. 25: 32 - 34). Another portion of this group is the 144,000 Israelites of Revelation 7. In Revelation 12: 17 there is another group who are called the remnant. A lot of these Jews will be killed by the Antichrist. Those who survive the tribulation period will be a part of this group as well. They are the Jews/Israelites who escape the Antichrist and are alive at the time of Jesus' return.

5. The Lost of all Ages: This group of people are dead and in the heart of the earth in Hades/Hell and will be judged in Revelation 20: 11 - 15 when the heaven(s) and the earth are destroyed (Rev. 20: 11, II Pet. 3: 7). Those things will take place after Satan's and man's final rebellion and after the millennial reign of Christ.

Note carefully that the New Testament saints who are the dead in Christ and are saved will be resurrected and judged at the same time in Revelation 4: 1 - 4. The Old Testament saints will be resurrected and judged in Revelation 11: 18. The millennial saints will most likely be resurrected and judged some time after the millennium reign of Christ and Satan's and man's final rebellion is over. The unsaved people of all ages who died without Christ and are lost will also be resurrected and judged at different times, of course. See Revelation 20: 11, 12 - 15.

So, not all resurrections will happen at the same time, nor do all judgments take place at the same time. However, the resurrection and judgment do take place at the same time, although there are different resurrections and judgments. Daniel 12: 2 may appear to some individuals that the resurrection of the dead (the saved and unsaved) will happen at the same time (perhaps at the time of the Second Coming of Christ). However, that is not the case. The resurrection of the dead in Christ (the saved) (Rev. 4: 1), and the resurrection of the dead who are not in Christ (the unsaved) will happen at different times (Rev. 20: 11 - 15). The resurrection of the New Testament saints (at the time of the Rapture) and the Judgment Seat of Christ, will happen before the Second Coming of Christ and the 1000 year reign of Christ take place. However, the resurrection and judgment of the unsaved will happen after the Second Coming of Christ and after the 1000 year reign of Christ. Those resurrections and judgments have to be separate one from another. Do not place Daniel 12: 2 at the time of the Second Coming of Christ. Do not place the Rapture at the time of the Second Coming of Christ either. Otherwise, your findings and teachings will not be correct. The saints (Christians) will go to Heaven in the Rapture with the Lord before the Second Coming happens; for we are wedded (married) to Jesus before we return to earth with Him. (See Zech. 14: 4 - 5, Rev. 19: 7 - 9, 11, 14.).

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