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Receiving A Crown at the Appearing of Jesus Christ

I have written similar manuscripts concerning this topic. However, I want this subject to be crystal clear. Some individuals are missing the point. Paul and Peter both agree that at the time of the Lord's appearing He will give a crown to every believer. The question is: Which coming are they referring to? I believe they are referring to the Rapture.

Paul said,
"Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at (on) that day (the day of His appearing): and not to me only, but unto all them also who love His (Jesus') appearing." (II Tim. 4: 8)

At the time of the Rapture every New Testament saint (the Bride, the Body of Christ) will love His appearing and they will receive a crown shortly after entering Heaven.

The Old Testament saints and prophets will be resurrected, judged, and given rewards in Revelation 11: 18 before the Lord Jesus Christ returns in the Second Advent (Revelation, Second Coming) which takes place in Revelation 19: 11.

Peter said,
"And when the chief Shepherd (that's Jesus) shall appear, ye shall receive a crown of glory that fadeth not away." (II Pet. 5: 4)

The above verses are referring to the Rapture. The "" is referring to the Christians that Peter was talking to. II Peter 5: 4 will also include every believer who accepts Christ during the Church Age (the Age of Grace). Paul was also talking to the saints of his day in II Timothy 4: 8 but, once again, it will include all the Christians of the Church Age. Those Christians are the Bride of Christ (the New Testament saints).

Paul and Peter make it clear that when Jesus appears every believer (New Testament Christian, the Bride of Christ) will receive a crown. This is the crown of rewards that every Christian will receive. When Jesus appears in the Rapture in Revelation 4: 1, the four and twenty elders (the Church, the Bride of Christ) will get their crowns (Rev. 4: 1 - 4: 4). They are wearing their crowns in Revelation 4: 4. There are some individuals who believe that the four and twenty elders are 24 individuals. Even if this were true those elders would still have to be a part of the Church (the Body of Christ). Do realize that this is the New Testament Christians only. Those "elders" cannot be the Old Testament saints for they are not resurrected and given rewards until Revelation 11: 18. John saw in a vision, he was in the spirit (Rev. 4: 2), the four and twenty elders wearing their crowns on their heads (Rev. 4: 4). They will receive those crowns in Heaven at the Judgment Seat of Christ immediately after the Rapture takes place. We will all stand before the Lord at that judgment.

The four and twenty elders, whether literal or symbolic, are wearing their crowns on their heads (Rev. 4: 4, 10). They would have just received their crowns at the Judgment Seat of Christ. The Christians will have received their crowns at that same judgment. We are a part of those elders because the number is symbolic. It is possible that the number is literal and symbolic at the same time, the twenty-four elders plus the Christians, the Bride of Christ, the Church, the Body of Christ.

In Revelation 2: 10 Jesus was talking to the Christians. He tells them to be "...faithful unto death...". If they do this, He will give them a crown of life. James was also talking to the believers in Christ in chapter 1, verse 12. He tells them that they will receive a crown of life. This reward will be given out at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Some Christians will receive a white stone, presumably in their crown (Rev. 2: 17). Crowns will be given out to every believer at that judgment as soon as they enter Heaven in Revelation chapter 4 (1 - 4). (Read I Cor. 3: 11 - 15, II Cor. 5: 10, II Tim. 4: 8, I Pet. 1: 3 - 7, 5: 4.).

There is no resurrection of the saved or unsaved in Revelation chapter 19 at the time of the Second Coming of Christ. The resurrection is not seen in Matthew 25: 31 - 46 either. To understand the correct sequence of how the events unfold read "The Necessity of Separation of Resurrections and Judgments". If you place Daniel 12: 2 with the events of Mathew 25: 31 - 46 you would be wrong because you failed to separate certain resurrections and judgments. Do remember, the events of Matthew 25: 31 - 46 involve the living only. That judgment has nothing to do with the dead, whether they are saved or unsaved. Unless, of course, you're saying that they are physically alive but spiritually dead then that is okay.

Matthew 16: 27, 19: 28, and II Timothy 4: 1 are referring to the Revelation (Second Advent). The later chapter and verse will happen shortly after Jesus comes back to earth when He sits and judges the living. The people who are alive at the time of the Second Coming of Christ: the tribulation saints, the remnant of Jews/Hebrews in Revelation 12: 17, and the 144,000 Jews/Israelites of Revelation chapter 7 (twelve thousand from each tribe) who are alive (having earthly bodies) will repopulate the earth and have families during the millennial reign of Christ.

Read "What About Matthew 24: 27?" and "What About II Timothy Chapter 4, Verse 1?".

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