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The Little Girl Who Said, "Jesus is God!"

One day, when I was in town (Bedford, PA.), I decided to go to Giant Eagle to get a few groceries, instead of going to Weis Markets where I normally shop. I was looking for liver, but I could not find any. As I was looking at some other meats I heard a little girl, who was about 3 years old, say something to her mother. At first I was not sure what she was saying. But as the little girl continued to talk, I thought she was saying something about Jesus. Then an employee of Giant Eagle came my way, and I asked her where the liver was kept. She replied, "It's just around the corner." Then I heard the little girl say, "Jesus is God!" She was saying it with excitement in her voice. You could really tell that it was an exciting subject to her. Then I heard the little girl's mother say something like, "You should not say that. Jesus is the Son of God." I calmly said to the little girl's mother, "She's right. Jesus is God." The mother looked at me at first as if she were saying, "Who are you?" Or perhaps she was thinking, "He is!" Then she replied, "But I thought He was the Son of God?" And I said, "He is! But Jesus is also God the Son." I said, "The Trinity of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit." Then I said, "God the Father; God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit." The Mother rubbed her daughter's hair with excitement. The mother was quite happy to know that her little girl knew the truth concerning Jesus' deity. I said to the mother, "God is one Being, but He exists in three Persons." I explained to the mother also that Jesus is coequal or one with the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Then I went around the corner to get the liver I wanted. When I come back to where the little girl and her mother were. I asked the little girl, "Young lady, where did you hear about that? I was referring to what she had said earlier; that "Jesus is God." The little girl was shy (afraid to talk) so the mother told me that her Sunday school teacher taught her that. I made mention that she had a good teacher. I do not believe that this was an accident. It was providential. God ranged it all. Of that I am sure.

You know, a lot of Sunday school teachers do not know that Jesus is God. Many Christians do not know. They do not deny His deity. They simply do not understand that Jesus is God the Son. Do you believe that Jesus is God (God the Son)? I hope you do. Because if you deny His deity you cannot get to Heaven. How can one deny the very existence of God, and yet, expect Him to take that individual to Heaven? That is impossible! Nobody can go to Heaven who rejects or denies Jesus' deity, and the deity of the Holy Spirit, who is God's Spirit (Jesus' Spirit). Read my manuscripts called "The Essentials of the Faith", and "Can an Individual Be Saved Without Hearing the Gospel?".

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