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Here Are Some Explanations of Terms Used in the Bible

  1. THE SEVEN SPIRITS (Rev. 1: 4, 3: 1, 4: 5, 5: 6): They are angels. There is only one Holy Spirit. God does not have 7 Holy Spirits.

  2. THE HOLY TRINITY: "God is one Being, but He exists in three Persons." That is how Paul E. Little says it. That is: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus, who is called the Word, John 1: 1, I John 5: 7, Rev. 19: 13), and God the Holy Spirit (Acts 5: 3 - 4). (See also Heb. 1: 8 - 10, I Tim. 3: 16, KJV.).

  3. JESUS, THE FIRST AND LAST: In the book of Revelation Jesus declares Himself to be "the first and the last." (See Rev. 1: 8, 2: 8, 11, 17 - 18, 2: 8, 21: 6, 22: 13.). The God of the Old Testament also claims to be "the first and the last" (Isa. 41: 4, 44: 6). Therefore, Jesus is the God of the Old Testament, and He is the God of the New Testament as well (John 20: 28 - 29).

  4. THE ALPHA AND OMEGA, GREEK WORDS MEANING THE BEGINNING AND THE END (Rev. 1: 8, 11, 21: 6, 22: 13): Those are claims of Christ. He is God! He is coequal or one with the Father and the Holy Spirit (Acts 5: 4 - 5). Jesus is the Son of God; but He is also God the Son. (Read John 5: 18, see also I Tim. 3: 16, KJV, John 8: 24, 58, 10: 30.).

  5. I AM: (Read John 6: 48, 8: 12, 24, 28, 58, 10: 7, 11, 36, 11: 25, 12: 46, 13: 13, 19, 14: 6, 15: 1, 18: 5 - 6, 19: 21.). In some of the above verses you will find Jesus saying the words: "I am He." We see also in the book of Isaiah that the God of the Old Testament has the same name (title). (See Isa. 41: 4, 10, 42: 8, 43: 3, 10 - 11, 13, 15, 25, 44: 6, 8, 24, 45: 3, 5 - 6, 22, 46: 4, 9 - 10, 47: 8, 10, 48: 3, 5, 12, 51: 12, 52: 7.). God, when appearing to Moses on Mount Sinai (Horeb), used this name (title) (Ex. 3: 1 - 6, 14, 16, 18).

  6. THE OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS: They are not a part of the Church: the Bride of Christ. They were saved and died before the day of Pentecost (Acts 2: 1 - 8). They went into the heart (center) of the earth upon death (Luke 16: 16 - 31). Jesus preached to these Old Testament saints who had died and were in the heart of the earth after His death, but before He rose again. (Read I Peter 3: 19, 4: 6, Eph. 4: 8 - 10.). It does not help to preach to the lost (unsaved).

  7. ABRAHAM'S BOSOM: There was "...a great gulf fixed..." separating the place of suffering in Hades, and the place of rest (Luke 16: 26, KJV) called Abraham's bosom (Luke 16: 22). The rich man was in a place of suffering; but the beggar was in a place of rest. "And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham's bosom: the rich man also died, and was buried; And in hell he lift (lifted) up his eyes, being in torment, and seeth Abraham afar off, and Lazarus in his bosom." (Luke 16: 22 - 23) (See also Luke 16: 19 - 21, and 24 - 26, 27 - 31.). Jesus preached to the people who were in Abraham's bosom, in the lower parts of the earth. (See I Pet. 3: 19, 4: 6, Eph. 4: 8 - 9, Acts 2: 31, 13: 37.).

  8. HADES: It is Hell. Its location is in the heart (center) of the earth. It is a temporary abode for the lost (unsaved). It is where the rich man went upon death (Luke 16: 22 - 26).

  9. THE DAY OF PENTECOST (Acts 2: 1 - 8): The Holy Spirit came in the form of (as) a mighty rushing wind. The people began to speak in tongues, in various languages. This was the promise of Jesus. He said that He would send the Comforter, the Holy Ghost, which is His Spirit. (Read John 14: 16, 26, 15: 26, 16: 7 - 8, 13, Acts 1: 1 - 4, 5, 8, 9 - 12, 13 - 15.). Three thousand were saved that day. (See Acts 2: 29 - 32, 33, 34 - 40, 41, 42 - 47.). If the Holy Spirit does not live within one before he/she dies that individual cannot be saved once he dies (Rom. 8: 1, 9). If one dies without Christ he/she is lost forever. The day of Pentecost also was a Jewish special day.

  10. THE RESURRECTION OF THE NEW TESTAMENT SAINTS: This will take place at the time of the Rapture. This term is not referring to the soul and spirit ascending (being taken up) when the Christian dies and "goes to Heaven." When the resurrection happens there will be the sound of a trumpet. This trumpet has nothing to do with any of the 7 trumpet judgments. This trumpet is called "at the last trump" (I Cor. 15: 52), and "the trump of God" (I Thes. 4: 16). It is a special trumpet that will sound at the time of the Rapture. It will sound several times and when it sounds for the last time, at the last trump, this is what will happen. The bodies of the dead in Christ will rise, they will be resurrected, and will be caught up to meet the Lord in the clouds, in the air. Not only that, but at the same time, those who are alive and remain in Christ will also be caught up. Both groups, the dead in Christ, and the living in Christ will be changed and will go up together to meet Jesus in the sky (I Thes. 4: 16 - 17).

  11. THE BRIDE OF CHRIST: She is also called the Body of Christ, which is the "Church" of the New Testament. (See Rev. 19: 7 - 8, 21: 9, 22: 17.). She is also called the four and twenty elders (or simply "elder" at times, read Rev. 5: 5, 6, 11, 14: 3) in the book of Revelation. (See Rev. 4: 4, 10, 5: 8, 14, 19: 4.).

  12. CLOTHED IN WHITE RAIMENT (Rev. 3: 5, 19: 8): The Christians (the four and twenty elders), the Bride of Christ, will be given white garments to wear when they get to Heaven.

  13. THE IMMINENT RETURN OF CHRIST: This doctrinal statement called "The Imminent Return of Christ" means that Christ can come at any moment, at any time, without delay or warning, and that no event needs to be fulfilled before the Rapture. Christ's return is "imminent." The Rapture will happen without warning. A friend of mine, who is a CMA pastor, said, "The question concerning the imminent coming of Christ is in the CMA ordination written exams. If a person does not define the imminent return on the exams then it is asked in the orals. To my recollection all who have been passed for ordination in the Western PA District of the C&MA had to say that they believed in the imminent return." Why then would one say or believe that Jesus' return will take place during or after the tribulation period (the 70th week of Daniel), to which Daniel mentions (9: 27)?

  14. THE ELECT: It is normally referring to those who are saved during the Church Age, the Age of Grace. However, there is another group in Matthew 24: 31 and Mark 13: 27 who are also called the elect. These elect are tribulation saints. They will get saved during the tribulation period (the 70th week of Daniel).

  15. THE TRIBULATION SAINTS: They will become Christians during the 7 years that Daniel 9: 27 mentions. Some of them will be martyred. The remaining portion will enter the kingdom when Jesus returns to earth in the Revelation/Second Coming. (Read Rev. 19: 11, Matt. 24: 31, 25: 31 - 33, 34 - 40.). And they will then be known as the millennial saints.

  16. THE PRE-TRIBULATION VIEW: This means that the Rapture (Rev. 4: 1) will happen before the 7 year tribulation period starts. (This period is a week of years, which is also called the 70th week of Daniel, Dan. 9: 27.).

  17. The MID-TRIBULATION THEORY: Those who believe in this theory think that the Rapture will happen in the middle of the 70th week (Dan. 9: 27), at the time of the 7th trumpet judgment.

  18. THE PRE-WRATH RAPTURE THEORY: According to this theory, Christ will come in the Rapture at the time of the 7th seal immediately prior to the wrath of God being unleashed; which according to this theory, begins with the 7th seal, not the 1st seal. There may be a second theory concerning pre-wrath rapture.

  19. THE POST-TRIBULATION THEORY: This theory teaches that Christ will come in the Rapture at the end of the 70th week of Daniel after the 7th vial judgment.

  20. THE BROKEN COVENANT OF DANIEL 9: 27: At the beginning of the 7 year tribulation period (the 70th week of Daniel) the Antichrist (the first beast of Revelation 13) will sign or make a treaty with the Jews/Hebrews (Israelites). The Antichrist may make a treaty with others as well. In the middle of this 7 year period, after 3½ years (1260 days), the Antichrist will break that covenant/treaty, at which time he will claim to be God Himself (II Thes. 2: 4). That is why I call this treaty a false covenant. Because it is broken before its original appointed time, the end of the 7 year period (Dan. 9: 27).

  21. THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION (Matt. 24: 15): It is the image of the beast (Antichrist). It will be set up in the temple of God in Jerusalem in the middle of the tribulation period, the 70th week of Daniel. (See Dan. 9: 27, Matt. 24: 15, II Thes. 2: 3 - 4.). All men will be forced to worship it. They will be forced to worship the Antichrist as well (Read Rev. chapter 13.). However, those who have their names written in the book of life will refuse to worship the Antichrist and his the image (Rev. 13: 7 - 8).

  22. THE FINAL DESTRUCTION OF THE ANTICHRIST, AND HIS PROPHET (Rev. 19: 20): When Jesus returns to earth in Revelation 19: 11, the beast (Antichrist) and the false prophet will be thrown into the Lake of Fire (See also Rev. 20: 14 - 15, 21: 8.).

  23. THE FALSE PROPHET (Rev. 13: 11 - 16): In the middle of the 7 year tribulation period, the false prophet, who is the second beast of Revelation 13, will entice the people who have or will receive the mark, into setting up the image of the Antichrist in the temple of God (Rev. 13: 14) at Jerusalem.

  24. THE DESTRUCTION OF SATAN: He will be bound, at the beginning of the millennial reign of Christ, for 1000 years. Then, at the end of it, Satan will be let loose for a short time, at which time he will deceive a great multitude of people. They will go up to Jerusalem and God will send fire down out of heaven to destroy them (Rev. 20: 1 - 3, 7 - 9). Then the devil, having deceived the people, will be thrown into the Lake of Fire where the beast (Antichrist) and the false prophet are (Rev. 19: 20, 20: 10).

  25. THE DEVIL'S TRINITY: Satan (who is called the dragon, the serpent), the Antichrist (who is the beast of Rev. 13), and the false prophet (who is the second beast of Rev. 13). (Read Rev. 12: 9, 16: 13.).

  26. THE MOUNT OF OLIVES: It is a hill just east of the city of Jerusalem and the Kidron Valley. This is the last place where Jesus' feet stood before He ascended into Heaven. The Mount of Olives is the place where Jesus' feet will one day stand when He returns to earth in the event called the Revelation/Second Coming. The Mount of Olives will split in two when Jesus' feet touch down on that Mount. (Read Zechariah 14: 4 - 5, Acts 1: 8 - 12.).

  27. THE RIVER FLOWING FROM THE TEMPLE OF GOD: Part of it will flow toward the Dead Sea and the other portion will flow toward the Great Sea, the Mediterranean Sea. Everywhere the water flows the land and sea will be healed. Read Zechariah 14: 4 - 5. (See also Joel 3: 18, Zech. 14: 8, Ezek. 47: 1 - 12.).

  28. PRE-MILLENNIAL VIEW: It means that the Revelation/Second Coming of Christ will take place before the Millennium (the 1000 year reign of Christ) begins.

  29. REIGNING WITH CHRIST: There are two groups who will reign with Jesus. The first group is: the four and twenty elders (Rev. 5: 8, 10) who represent the Church, the Bride of Christ, seen in Heaven in chapters 4 and 5 in the book of Revelation. The second group is: the tribulation martyrs who will be killed during the tribulation period (the 70th week of Daniel). Both groups will live and reign with Christ for 1000 years (Rev. 20: 6). The tribulation saints (who believed in Christ during the tribulation period but were not martyred) will not "reign" with Christ. They will simply be in earthly bodies and will bear children (have families) during this period, the millennial reign of Christ. They are the millennial saints.

  30. THE RESURRECTION OF THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS WHO HAVE DIED DURING THE MILLENNIUM: The Bible does not comment on this subject. One could only assume that they are resurrected shortly after the 1000 year reign of Christ ends, right before, or about the same time that, the lost of all Ages are taken out of the heart (center) of the earth. Then the heaven(s) and the earth will be totally destroyed (II Pet. 3: 7, 10, 12). Then the lost (unsaved) who are standing before Jesus will hear their sentence which is death (Rev. 20: 11 - 15). Assuming that some of those millennial saints will die during that 1000 year period, the millennial reign of Christ, they will have to be resurrected before the earth is destroyed. Otherwise, their bodies will be destroyed along with the earth.

  31. THE FOUR BEASTS OF REVELATION 4: 6 - 9, 5: 6, 8, 11, 14, 6: 1, 3, 5, 7, 14: 3, 15: 7, 19: 4: They are angels. They're the four Living Creatures.

  32. THE 144,000: Dr. Nathan M. Meyer believed that the 144,000 of Revelation 14: 1 - 5 are the tribulation babies who were born during those first 3½ years. These are not the 144,000 Jews/Israelites of Revelation 7: 1 - 8.

  33. THE FOUR WINDS: It is referring to north, south, east, and west (See Matt. 24: 31, Mark 13: 27.). The Bible mentions the angel who had charge over the four winds (Rev. 7: 1).

  34. THE SEVEN THUNDERS (Rev. 10: 3 - 4): They are the 7 angels who will unleash the trumpet judgments.

  35. THE VOICE OF THE TRUMPET (Rev. 8: 13): This means the sound of the trumpet(s). This would be true concerning all 7 trumpet judgments, although Revelation 8: 13 is referring to the last 3 trumpet judgments. (Read also Rev. 8: 6 - 13, 9: 1 - 21, 10: 7, 11: 14, 15, 19.).

  36. THE THREE "WOES": It is referring to the last three trumpet judgments. (Read Rev. 8: 11, 9: 1 - 12, 13 - 21, 11: 14 - 15, 19.).

  37. THE VOICES (Rev. 11: 19, 16: 18): They are the voices of demons. The people will hear the voices of the demons during the 7th trumpet judgment, and at the time of the 7th vial judgment. These judgments are the wrath of God.

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