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Knowing What Happens at the Time of One's Salvation Experience

When an individual receives Jesus as his or her Savior, God's Spirit, who is called "the Holy Spirit", comes into his/her heart (the heart of the soul, II Cor. 1: 22), and He dwells within that person (Rom. 8: 9) thus causing him or her to be born again, born of His (Jesus') Spirit (John 3: 3 - 6). Jesus' Spirit, who is also called the Spirit of Christ, comes into your heart (Eph. 3: 17) and He seals you (Eph. 1: 13) until the day of redemption.

The day of redemption would be the day you die. However, if the Rapture happens first, and you are yet alive, then, in that case, the day of redemption would be when the Rapture takes place.

At the same time that you believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your personal Savior, the Holy Spirit not only comes into your heart and seals you, thus causing you to be born again, but you are passed from (spiritual) death unto (eternal) life (John 5: 24). Every person who has not accepted Jesus as his/her Savior is spiritually dead without Christ. But when an individual receives Jesus as his Savior he becomes spiritually alive in Christ (John 10: 10). Jesus then takes you out of the family of Satan, which we were all in at one point or other. (Don't forget there are two families. Read John 8: 44.). Jesus then places you into the family of God (John 1: 12) and thus you become one of God's children (Gal. 3: 26), one of the sons of God (John 1: 11 - 12). Jesus gives unto you eternal life, everlasting life (John 10: 28). According to the Scriptures, Jesus is the only way to Heaven (John 14: 6). (See I John 3: 10, 14, 4: 7, 13 - 14, 5: 1, Acts 4: 12.).

After receiving, accepting, believing in Jesus as your Savior, you can know for certain that you have, as of right now, as of this moment, eternal life (everlasting life).

And God certainly does not take a balance scale and put the good things on one side and the bad things on the other side, to see if the good things outweigh the bad things, and then say, "You're a pretty good person so I'll let you into Heaven, come on in." No! That's not the way it is. All it takes is one sin, and down into Hell you will go. For one to go to Heaven, all his/her sins have to be forgiven. If one sin remains, he/she is lost (unsaved). Now when one receives Jesus as his Savior his sins are totally forgiven and not even one sin remains. Jesus' blood is applied to one's sins and they are remembered no more. (See Isa. 43: 25, I John 1: 7, 9.). Praise God that is true! (Read also I John 5: 7, 10 - 13, KJV.). Do not deny any of the essentials (fundamentals) of the faith, including the deity of Jesus Christ, because if you do, you cannot be saved. (See Rom. 10: 9 - 10, 13, Gal. 1: 8 - 9.).

God will cast our sins as far as the east as it is from the west, and He promises to remember them no more (Ps. 103: 12).

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