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How Will the People Who Are Unsaved Hear the Gospel (During the Tribulation Period) If the Church is Already in Heaven?

One may wonder how the people, who are on earth during the 70th week of Daniel, will hear the gospel if all the true believers have been taken out of this world in the Rapture. First of all, there will be a lot of Bibles, manuscripts, and so forth, left behind for them to read. Not only that, but secondly, there will be a lot of tapes, etc... for them to hear. So, some individuals will get saved and will tell others. Thirdly, there are 3 angels who, at the end of the first half (probably on the 1260th day) to the middle the tribulation period (the 70th week of Daniel), will fly in the midst of heaven (the sky) to give their messages. These angels fly one after another, probably within 24 hours. They will do this right before the 5th seal is opened (broken). When the 5th seal is broken the Antichrist, and those who help him, will begin to kill the tribulation saints, those who received Jesus during the previous time and those who accept Jesus during the time of the 5th and 6th seals as well. This is not the Church, the Bride of Christ, for they are in Heaven in chapters 4 and 5. They will have entered Heaven before the first seal is opened.

The first of these 3 angels, who are referred to in Revelation 14: 6 - 11, will give the everlasting gospel to the people who dwell on the earth as he flies through the sky (Rev. 14: 6 - 7). Then the second angel will give his message (Rev. 14: 8). Apparently, this is only a prediction (statement) of what is going to take place in Revelation 16: 19. And finally, the third angel flies in the midst of heaven and tells those people of Revelation 6: 9 - 11 not to worship the beast (Antichrist), neither his image, nor receive the mark of the beast (666), for if they do, they will be lost forever (Rev. 14: 9 - 11). As a result of hearing the gospel some of the people will be saved.

These three angels appeared back in Revelation chapter 6. They do not fly here in Revelation chapter 14. They flew right before the 5th seal is broken. Those people who were killed in Revelation 6: 9 - 11 heard them and received their message and then were killed for their faith in Christ (Rev. 20: 4). Chapter 14 is just additional information (details) given about this event that happened in Revelation 6: 9 - 11. (See also Rev. 6: 12 - 16.). And so is Revelation 15: 2 - 4, and 20: 4.

Then there are two prophets who prophesy during the last 3½ years (Rev. 11). The late Dr. Nathan M. Meyer believed that those two prophets are Moses and Elijah. These two Old Testament prophets long ago did similar things to that the two prophets in Revelation 11 do.

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