Sequence Of Prophecy

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Who Will Repopulate the Earth During His Reign?

The 144,000 of Revelation 7 will repopulate the earth and have families during Jesus' reign. Some Gentile believers will have children during this time as well. Both Jews and Gentiles alike will have offspring. Their descendants will be as the sands of the sea.

When Matthew 24: 31 happens (on the same day that the Lord returns to earth) Jesus will send forth His angels to gather together His elect (Matt. 25: 31 - 33, 34 - 40). That's all those people (a portion of them that are from the land mass of Gog and Magog) who were saved during the tribulation period and were not martyred (killed by the Antichrist). They will live with Christ and repopulate the earth (have children) during, at least part of, those 1000 years.

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